Magik Kleener Sales, Inc has been in business for 18 years. 
It was incorporated in 1989 at Harlan, IA. 

A MAGIK KLEENER offers an inexpensive alternative to the high cost of completing a
process important to product quality. MOST important, MAGIK KLEENER does the job
efficiently with virtually no operating expenses.

MAGIK KLEENER’S design consists of multiple reversing sections creating the necessary agitation needed for effi cient cleaning without outside power requirements.

Easy access doors allow for quick cleaning and switching of screens in only a few minutes from one convenient location. With minimal installation requirements a MAGIK KLEENER may be attached to an elevator leg, (wet, dry, load out), elevator head house, on top a dryer, under conveyors or inside buildings. Most any location where your material fl ows downward, MAGIK KLEENER can be installed.